Comprehensive Review of SolForge: Closing Thoughts and Updates


SolForge is an outstanding product for the parts that have been implemented, and a frustrating product for those that have not. Other than the forging system and some main menu interface issues, SolForge gets so many things so very right. It is an impressive bit of software for such a small group. However, the market doesn’t generally grade on the curve — and certainly not for a game that asks so much, financially, from its users.

Overall, SolForge gets a C+ from me but I have hope for its future. I have seen its improvements over the past nine months, and I believe they can continue to improve. I was worried that the new version of the Ascension deck building game, which Stone Blade Entertainemtn was developing themselves, would distract them from continued improvements to SolForge… but that has now been handed over to PlayDek. How will the new Android version of SolForge, recently released, impact the bottom line? Only time will tell. SBE appears to be in good shape, and doesn’t seem to be reaching too-far-too-soon.

Comments welcome. What did you think about this series? If I was unfair, please tell me how. If you want more detail on my next series, please let me know.